Who are FwW

Hi there!

We (Tegan and Andy) are a couple of Australian scientists currently displaced to the slightly-less-sunny Berlin, Germany.

Fishwithwhiskey is mainly written by Tegan, with occasional 'Guest Posts' by Andy.

Why Blog?

We moved to Germany at the end of 2012, and wanted to document our journey.

I used to write my blog with my Grandfather in mind - as a way of keeping him up to date with our happenings. Sadly, he passed away last year (but I'm maintaining the tone and PG rating of the posts as a permanent part of the the soul of Fishwithwhikey).

Now, the blog is designed mostly to keep in touch with family and friends back home, but also as a kind of diary. As a child, my parents encouraged me to keep diaries when on holidays- and I love looking back on the scribblings of my six-year-old self. Hopefully, this will act as a beautiful reminder, in the following years, of our time spent abroad.

Finally, I'm a scientist, completing my Phd. While I often love it, it can be incredibly un-creative at times- repetitive, precise, not much room for error. So I think of the blogging as part of my effort to maintain a 'science-art' balance.

What do you blog?

Here's what we mostly blog about:
  • our new adventures in a foreign land, 
  • our adventures in the neibouring lands of that foreign land (holidays!)
  • learning about a new culture and new language
  • the continuation of our lives together
  • new friends
  • new hobbies
  • new jobs
  • new appartment(s)

About Tegan

I'm a happy snapper who can't honestly call herself a photographer (thank goodness for the Digital age- I used to go through rolls of film). I like to write, but have never developed a character or plot long enough to make much more than a haiku. Blogging is the logical whole that can be made of these two broken halves: a meeting of the not-writer with the not-photographer- a place to spill the build-up of stories that clog up my memories, and photos that clog up my hard-drive.

Aside from blog writing (and trying to finish up a Phd in plant molecular biology), I'm trying to dive into the more creative side of things by learning to sew, garden.

Current life goals revolve around eating less meat, creating less waste, and generally being less of a Planet Parasite.

About Andy

When he's not writing exposes about Germany's fascination with four-legged friends, or making terrible Denglish (Deutsch-English) puns, Andy is a mostly-silent partner in this whole 'Blog Thing'.

His current life goals involve climbing things, eating meat, and reading every word that was ever written.

We hope you enjoy our attempts to frolick across a continent!