When the Rowes were in Town

There are many great things about life in Australia, and being Australian.

You get to lie to inform people about drop bears. You get to surprise your foreign friends with Vegemite (and now, even Vegemite chocolate). You rarely have to cancel holidays because of rain.

But one of the crappiest things about being Aussie, is how far Aussie-land is from everywhere else.

Add to the 24 hours+ of plane travel to europe, a 7 hour time difference, and crippling fare prices, and you- the Aussie expat living in Berlin- will have a somewhat difficult time convincing friends and family to just 'drop by for a weekend'.

Which is why we're always grateful when friends and family manage to make their way across oceans to keep us company...

And to help us discover some of the great things about life in Germany.

One of those things being, as my uncle quickly discovered, the cheapness and abundance of raspberries:

Before I get onto the furious blogging about our trips to Poznan and Warsaw, I thought I'd share with you some photos of us frolicking, and of course- eating, with the family, at our local farmers market in Berlin.

^I actually am not sure if these are sold as bird feeders or people feeders. I guess the former?

^These are so cool! I want them, but they don't really match the 'swedish minimalism' design concept that Andy is aiming for.

^Here's looking at you, kids.

^Great food in Berlin often is Turkish Food in Berlin... and let's not forget the Turkish Coffee:

^You guys, Cheese! Convincing enough to lure you for a visit yet?

Ok, so I'm going to end with Andy and my aunt looking swanky as anything in front of one of Berlin's most famous tourist sites- the East Side Gallery.

Who's up next for a visit??

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